Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Forgotten

I stood looking at my kitchen in awe. I had achieved a great feat, I had gone through all the cupboards, drawers and pantry. They were full, now barren with the exception of the necessities which get packed last minute. I was so proud, my body language was full of "look what I did" I felt like a conqueror, an attentive to details, overlooking nothing!! Moi! Me!! I was beaming, sweaty and so pleased with myself. I filled my glass with water and leaned back against the counter, satisfied with the huge accomplishment.

I rolled my neck around a bit to sooth the achy muscles, it was then I notice it. The forgotten cupboard. You know the one above your fridge that is set about 2 feet behind the front of the fridge making it impossible to get at and even with a chair it is so high that you always need to bend like Gumby to get at its contents? Yeah, that one.

There it was sulking that I had forgotten to be attentive to it. I was so upset, that drink of water was about to be they most satisfying drink and now I was forced to put it down because to celebrate something undone was not right. I wanted to turn the other way, to refuse to acknowledge the existence of such a stupidly placed cupboard. Maybe, just maybe, I could force the idea of that cupboard out of my mind, then without guilt I could drink my water. I wanted to curse the carpenter who decided that people everywhere needed such a useless space. I wanted to whine, it was unfair I had to deal with this cupboard why not leave it for the new house occupants to discover its contents. Why me?

But you will be happy to know, I did deal with it. Not with the greatest of care, or sweetest disposition but I did. And I am happy I did for within it was one of Bryn's baby dishes so carefully cared for my his mom and passed on to Anya. Sure it had not been used in years but it was special and meant to be cherished. I felt bad for not cherishing it the way it had been for years, It was full of dust, and lonely in the cupboard, not treated the way it should have been. I cleaned it up, wrapped it carefully and placed it in the box with other special breakable things. It was were it belonged now. Now I could drink my water. I was done. I was challenged but it was worth it.

It got me thinking of how sometimes we feel forgotten, out of place, or unworthy of care.
We can feel we are like that out of the way cupboard that no one wants to open because it seems so awkward and daunting. Left alone for years to wonder "do we count?" Wondering if we were opened up would we scare others with what is inside, or would they find anything of use? Those are scary thoughts but you must know, that while people forget or cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the forgotten, God does not. He remembers His every creation, whether they hide behind the fridge or are in a spotlight. God will never run from us, it is us that runs from Him thinking we are worthy to be forgotten. Total lie! If you feel like The Forgotten, stop it. You are not and that is the truth. Know that sometime soon you will realize just how loved and cherished you are by the One who never forgets.
Shine On my Friends.

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