Friday, May 14, 2010

And then they were gone..

Today was a liberating day. For the past 5 weeks we had 4 massive tables full of things that at some point had accumulated into our overstuffed home. First they were for purchase during our house content sale, then they were free to anyone who could carry it, then we shoved things into the bags, purses or cars of our unsuspecting guests just to start getting rid of stuff. And now they are gone!!! Last night I packed all the leftovers in to 5 huge boxes, and three bags. This morning I left them on the curb for a charity to pick them up. I did some errands and voila, when I arrived home. They were gone. Such a good feeling. Such a great feeling!

I had been overwhelmed for 5 + weeks with the amount of things we have accumulated over the years.These were all things that had been forgotten, ignored or not used. The sheer amount was humiliating and I am so pleased to be rid of it. I feel cleansed, free and simple (no comments on my intellect please) It feels so good that Bryn and I have sworn to each other to live from here on in, a relatively simple life by not accumulating a lot of things. Right now that seems easy to do, in a year, I will need a reminder, please mark your calendar to do that for me.

I was wondered if, once this stuff is gone will I miss it? Will I regret giving it away? I am sure there will be one or two things that I remember and miss but the reality is,I could not tell you the exact contents of those boxes I packed merely 24 hours ago so I think I am safe. I believe that is a good sign.

The other thing I am noticing as we shed our belongings is that my life is more free, less weighed down which allows me to enjoy the more important things in my life. I was sitting in my almost empty living room on a couch surrounded by bare walls and floors and was able to truly reflect on where God is in my life right now. I am sure that someone without my ADD could do that in a full room, but that moment for me was awesome. Also, last night I tucked my daughter into bed in a bedroom that has only furniture and packed boxes right now. She is down to 4 of her favourite bears and 3 books until we get to Nassau. We were so content, I needed nothing else but that simple moment to cherish.

I like being simple, it fits me and I just wanted to share that with you today.
Shine on my friends.


  1. I love it!! We have been slowly getting rid of "STUFF" and it's so hard especially when you tie emotions into "things". I am in awe and in envy of your "liberation"!!

  2. I would never have done it without a move, but I do highly recommend it!!