Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lessons from an Egg

Today I successfully poached my first egg. After years of trying then giving up I thought I would never achieve such an elusive goal. I figured I was doomed to enjoy these delicate buttery beauties only within the confines of diners and greasy spoons. How is it you wonder that I have achieved his amazing goal. I was told a secret, a secret so special that only the best greasy spoon chefs know and now I count myself among the elite!!
Is that wrong? Is it wrong to be so amazed at an accomplishment that in the end really does not count for much? Maybe, eggs no matter how well done they are, are just eggs. In the end of all things will my ability to poach eggs make a difference in the world? I am fairly safe answering that ponder with a big old NO. So why blog about this.. really Allie why?
I will tell you, I had given up, I had resigned myself that nothing will change with my egg poaching ability and I will never achieve success so I choose to forget it. But then a secret came my way via a friend, who knew of my long standing but dusty desire of wanting to poach the perfect egg. He told me, I tried it and it worked.
I was amazed at the simplicity the secret contained. There was not a huge long list of steps, the hardest part of this process was the addition of the ingredients, humility and patience. Then it hit me, I am kind of treating my move to Nassau and my role on that Island like I did with elusive goal of the perfectly poached egg. I kept trying to figure out what else I could be doing, how else to achieve it and how hard to go after things.. then as I stared into the pot of my poaching egg. "Be patient" screamed the little egg. I realized..wait.. this is being perfectly planned, but with time I will not know right now. I will be able to see the desired outcome, in time.
I also heard as the egg cooked slowly, the words "Be humble." I did not force that egg to cook, it was cooking because it was in the right environment. It really was not my amazing chef abilities which cooked that egg it was my humility to let the water reach the right temperature, the entry of the egg into the said water and the added secret ingredient which poached that egg so wonderfully. I really had very little to do with it. As the words Be Humble came at me I realized that it is not really what I can do or add to this process, God has it prepared and I simply need to be a willing vessel in order to see it to complete (this incidentally is where my egg analogy breaks down for what egg in their right mind desires to be poached). So from now on I will stop fearing the nothing that seems to be waiting in Nassau for I know that is simply not true, I will try to be humble and know that I am simply part of a really amazing plan. I will try to be patient enough recognize the God's timing of this recipe And I will pray that I be able to hear when the Master Chef is announcing "order is up!"


  1. you didn't tell us the secret ingredient... but your words are none the less powerful. Yes, there are amazing things waiting just for you.