Monday, April 12, 2010

Inspiration from my Daughter

I had a conversation with my almost 8 year old daughter last night about our upcoming move to the Bahamas. I love our talks, but this one touched me deeply. We were asking each other about upcoming worries or exciting future experiences pertaining to our transition. The topic of friends came up, I wondered if this was one of the worries for her, she loves her friends here. I said nothing and waited for her to continue.
At one point in our conversation Anya leans forward towards me and says in a whisper, "I have already kinda met two friends in the Bahamas". I figured she was describing a few of the kids we met when down there last month who no doubt will become amazing friends, but it was not those to which she was referring. Anya went on to describe a dream she had about two girls her age in very great detail which included names, ages, and personalities. She continued to describe what she will do with each new friend, one was to play soccer with and the other was "more into fashion but I can still have fun with her too". (that was a direct quote which still makes me giggle as Anya prides herself on not being a girlie girl) It was sweet, very sweet to hear Anya's thoughts and plans she has for herself with her friends, who ever they might be.
Anya then goes on to tell me in even more detail that her current invisible friends are in fact, making the transition with us to the Bahamas. I hope we have the room! She continued on for a bit to tell me just how they are excited. One of the invisible friends intends to catch lizards with her, the other will help her decorate her room and the other will be swimming all the time just waiting for her to join in. I was touched by Anya's conviction of these future yet unknown friends and touched by her sincere ability to bring the memory and importance of her current friends. I know she will miss the presence of her current ones, but I also know they will also be brought with us in memory (and future visits too!)
I thanked Anya for the talk, kissed her good night and walked downstairs with my heart aglow. Then it hit me, Anya is doing what I want to do, by looking forward to future friendships all the while cherishing the old. When I was in Girl Guides one of the songs we often sang was:

"Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold"

I value my current friends immensely and I anticipate new ones impacting my life. I admire my daughter, she has inspired me, and she has taught me that friendships will always have a beginning but never an ending.

Thanks mama


  1. Very Poignant! Sometimes we can learn so much from our children....their innocence is definitely something to treasure.

  2. I love how natural this move seems for her...helps keep it all in perspective.

    Truly a remarkable young lady, she sets a good example for the rest of us - thanks for sharing.