Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Endings

Ever mourn getting to the end of a good book with such intensity that you actually put off reading the last few pages? I have, but only with a few amazing books.(ask me for my book list some time) That feeling is kind of like what I have been experiencing about leaving Toronto. It has been such a great experience here, the characters in my story became my dear friends, the settings became my home and playground, the drama shaped my character and the plot given to me was complex as a wife, mom, daughter, friend, therapist and court jester. I have fallen in love with my Toronto story. I do have many regrets and if I were to do a analysis I know I would find very clearly a flawed main character in myself. I regret not spending more time with family and friends when I had the chance, I regret ever telling my daughter and husband that I was too busy with work to hangout with them, I regret not getting more involved in my community and I regret not being there as my clients reach their future goals. Most of all I regret that for most of the Toronto story I truly believed it was about Me as the main character, I regret the glory I tried to take when it should have been given to God. I know I am at the end of my Toronto book. I am forcing myself to continue on, but I dread the turn of every page that I see in the packing of each box or goodbye to each client, or the lunches I have with friends and family. My Toronto book is ending but I am confident there will be a sequel with many of the same characters but in a whole knew setting. So for now I will hold tight to my Toronto book, savoring each word, character and event. Then I must wait patiently for The author to write the sequel, and trust that in each word He writes, in all the new characters I meet and every new setting I will see the evidence that The Author's pen is creating a story that does not shine on myself as the main character but on Him, as my Creator and Sustainer.


  1. It sounds like you read A million miles in a Thousand Years!

  2. I am so glad that you have begun this. It will let the miles between seem somewhat fewer. Your writing style makes it feel like I'm on your very comfy couch...

    Who would have ever imagined that the much loved daughter-in-law I started to hear about 15+ years ago, would become such an important part of my life, along with your captivating daughter and oh so charming husband?

    I love how God takes quite separate plotlines, and masterfully weaves them togther - even if for just part of the story. How greatful I am that He has added your family to my story.

    God has gifted you marvelously, my friend, and I can't wait to watch (through here, and facebook and Skype) the next part of your story as He writes it.