Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The excitment of a story unknown

It was made official on March 14 2010, my family was being uprooted to Paradise. I should explain briefly, but I will be brief as that whole story will be another blog for another time. We are moving to Nassau Bahamas, (10 minutes from Paradise island..thus the Paradise reference) in June. We are moving from our cosy Etobicoke neighbourhood, from our amazing neighbours, from our shell-shocked church family and our slightly excited but saddened family.
We are selling most of our possessions, taking a huge cut in our combined salaries and removing ourselves from most that we know and love. Curious? Intrigued? Me too.
Bottom line is this, this story is and will be a story of how God has moved the MacPhails but it is not a story that I have read yet, I have tried to write it according to my own desires but I am fairly certain that I am not the right author to write this one, so I am left with the humble position of being the author who writes about being part of this story not yet done. I need to process this story as it unfolds, I need to try to make sense of it as it is revealed, that is what this blog is about. I am about to be uprooted from my cosy existence to a life not yet known, kinda scary for a home girl like me. I am about to discover so much about how God works in and through me for His story. Stay tuned, story to continue ....

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