Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Listening for Signs of Existence

Snickers, our new dog has been a true joy, oops I promised this blog would be truthful, she has MOSTLY been a true joy. She has been here for a month now and we are doing well, considering from where she has come. One of the main problems is that she has developed quite the obsession with me, I am sure if we could read her mind, all it would say is Mama, mama, mama, food, mama, mama, mama, food. She is on me like flies on a steak, like white on rice. She follows me like a yo-yo does a string. She waits for me like a 14 year old boy does for the release of the next halo game. Most of the time it is quite endearing, other times however a bit too much. Last night it was a bit too much.

She has been trained to sleep in her crate, the past week however she has been up at 5:30am (or earlier) to begin her day with me. That is a bit much. She has learned to tuck herself in to her crate when she naps (very cute) and so sleeps quite often without the door being latched. Here comes the brilliant idea (sarcasm included) I thought that leaving her sleeping with the door unlatched at night would make for a better way to wake up as all the other mornings I have awoken to her strong wiry tail slapping wildly against her crate anticipating her rock star mama's grand morning entrance. I love mornings but on my terms not my dogs so that needed to change.

The past few nights we have left her crate door open during the night in an attempt to try out some well deserved freedom, and for the most part she did well. Last night however, was not what I would call a success. As I reflect on it I am realizing that although I am exhausted from being woken up by my number one fan I am yet again learned something from my dog.

I had gotten up in the middle of the night and aware that I might awaken my stalker aka snickers I completed my night time mission in a stealth like fashion. On my way back, a mere 4 steps away from my bed my ankle cracks loudly, causing Snickers to come running. In her mind her Mama was up and ready to interact! Not quite..I could go on right now to complain but something occurred to me about 30 minutes after the curious incident of my ankle at night. Snickers is so in love with me, so desiring to be with me that even when sleeping she has set her ears to hear even the smallest of sounds indicating my existence. Pretty cool for a dog, but too bad I rarely do that to the One I love the most.

I claim I love God and want to live my life for Him but how often do I listen for Him? Snickers heard a measly crack of my ankle and came running, I see the Ocean, feel the wind and have in my hands a love letter from God (Bible) but where to I run to with excitement? I fear most often at best I say gee thanks for the love and run back to my own agenda. Snickers, when she is given proof of my existence comes running anticipating nothing but a joyful celebration of our relationship.

Yes, I was perturbed by Snickers last night but I am grateful for the lesson learned that I need to joyfully celebrate my Saviours amazing existence and care for me, and to live for nothing else. I need and want to start listening better for the promptings that God sends my way. The humbling thing is that point of Snickers' focus, myself, comes and goes while the point of my focus, God, is ever present. It should by virtue of that fact be easier for me to Focus on God than it is for Snickers to focus on me, but the proof of late is the opposite. I am going to strive to listen for, watch for and celebrate more the amazing God that I serve.

I got Snickers thinking I was helping her out, thinking how nice it is to feel loved. As it also turns out I got Snickers to learn to love God better and better focus my attending skills. I used a picture that happened to catch the perfect face of Snickers' adoration as she looks at me, I would love God to "catch" me in that same intensity of adoration of Him.

Shine On My Friends


  1. Hi punkin very interesting story try putting a ticking clock next to her cage it might cover up other small noises.Nice to get another blog.


  2. Dear God - help me to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am. Amen