Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did Maple Syrup always taste this good??

I am not sure why, but growing up in Canada I never really loved the taste of Maple Syrup,I liked it but never loved it. I am ashamed to admit I prefer the processed flavour of Aunt Jemima on my waffles and pancakes over anything purely Maple. I do love Maple Fudge, cause you would need to be a total weirdo as a Canadian to not love that amazing goodness but I am even embarrassed to admit that I have given away homemade Maple Syrup. Yep, I did that and it was homemade from our own trees tapped by our kind neighbour. Shame on me.

So now I find myself in Bahamas, on an Island so very proud of its distinct flavours (and man let me tell you the amount of boasting here is well earned..this Island can cook!!) and I am in need of some boasting of my own . So I asked my friend (thanks Jen) to bring with her a bottle of Maple Syrup to me when she visited, I was unsure as to what to do with it but I felt that as a Canadian I needed to at least have one here with me. So it has sat in my cupboard awaiting my inspiration.

The inspiration came to me yesterday when I asked a bunch of Facebook friends what should I bake for hosting a little coffee time with some of my new friends here. I got some amazing ideas (Thanks Adrienne! Thanks Kelly). I combined the ideas they gave me and found a maple glazed cookie recipe. Pause for applause please because this cookie is a masterpiece.

I made them this morning so they would be super fresh, of course like any good pastry chef I needed to taste one. May I say that I needed to take a moment for myself as what I enjoyed from these cookies were so unbelievable I am fairly sure they will be served in Heaven (or at least Canadian heaven, you know the one where Timmy's is served at all the clouds stops?). I wiped the tears of joy and stifled a groan of happiness that resonated in my heart as I did not want to wake everyone else in my house.

Did Maple syrup always taste this good? Seriously does flying at high altitudes across countries enhance the flavour? Maybe but my guess is that missing my friends, family and the fall weather probably had more to do with my euphoric reaction to these cookies. They are amazing on their own but the cookies themselves brought me a flavour of home, creating the perfect combination of culinary combining with good feelings. I am thrilled to serve these little tastes from home today to my new friends. And yes, I will be proudly saying ..make from a taste of Canada!!

Yes, maple syrup you do taste good, you are an amazing ambassador of your homeland and I am so glad I have tasted you again and found a new appreciation for you.

Shine on my friends!!

p.s my new friends Mandy, Suzanne and Dominika have just left and are asking for the recipe to be sent pronto..looks like Canada has earned some wannabe citizens with its Maple syrup!

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