Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Women of Faith

Last year I attended an amazing conference entitled Women of Faith. To be honest I was dragged there, I did not want to go, the last thing I wanted to be a part of was a huge weekend with other women. I expected that I would be faced with superficial lectures, staged worship performances and conversations filled with "Chrisitanese" (term for the language some can adopt to sound more spiritual than they are). What I expected and what God had planned were however polar opposite. It was my privilege to hear and grow from some amazing speakers. I found them sincere, open, more than honest and very easy to relate to. I saw myself in many of them and God made sure he used their stories and their passion for Christ to speak to me, in an amazing way.

I was in the end so very glad to have gone. I shared those 48 hours with some amazing women from my then church and it was a true joy to be broken, weep and grow in front of them. That was last year, before all my transitioning took place, before I ever knew I would be moving. As I look back over this tremendously difficult yet blessed year of decision and transition I am certain of one thing, God used that weekend to prepare my heart for Him, to learn to trust Him better and solidify who I am in Him, I am so glad I was "dragged" there.

This past weekend, most of those same women who attended Women of Faith last year went to the conference again. I, much to my dismay was not there, distance and money would prohibit my attendance. I watched with enthusiasm all the tweets of the many speakers and artists on twitter, I refreshed my Facebook way too often to see what my friends in attendance were saying. I prayed for them all, and all the women there. While I did not hear the conference or rock it out with Mandisa (my favourite worship artist whose lyrics and mimics that of my own heart) I was lifted by the experiences of My own Women of Faith, my friends. I now find myself missing them more than ever (you know who you are) and I want them to know that while I am quiet about it I am very very much thankful and in awe of who you are and How amazingly God has made you.

Next year I am realizing that the tour is in Florida, a short plane ride or long swim from my new home. I am very much looking forward to going, It would be a blessing to have all my women of Faith to be there, old and new, Toronto and Nassau, I would love nothing better than to unite all my Women of Faith at a conference for us all to celebrate and worship our Lord together.
Thanks for listening, I needed to get that out, if you are in my life you too are one of My women of faith and I am thankful for you.
Shine my Friends and Lord willing see you in Florida October 2011.


  1. I look back on that weekend (and the outlet purse) and am always reminded that God was preparing my heart for things to come as well! I love how God works! I would love to meet you in Florida! So glad you were dragged!!!
    miss you my friend