Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is MY Neighbourhood

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I love running. Wherever I find my self I am usually able to run, all it takes is a pair of shoes and the willingness to get out there. I love running new routes in new towns it is very exciting for me, but it is never as good as running when I am home. In Toronto I had many many different routes that I would take depending on weather, time of day or distance I wanted to cover. There was something comforting about the familiar and predictable scenery of my routes. I always knew how long it would take to get home, how to lengthen or shorten the route if I needed and most of all the scenery. I run in the mornings before most people are up so I knew the cars in the driveways before they brought their people to work. I knew the paper delivery guy who always shook his head at me for wanting to be up that early. I knew the kitchen lights of those just getting up and making coffee and one of my favourites was the knowing of a fox whom I called Freddy . This fox, would often be seen running down my street almost taunting my dog and I to catch him, we never did but he was still one of my favourite sights!

As of yet I was not feeling quite at home with my Nassau running, until today. I realized that I was able to predict which dog would bark, or jump at the fence and scare the wits out of me. I was able to predict the people I would see as they too were out for some exercise before the intense heat of the morning sun. I knew that when I stepped out my door at a certain time my neighbour would be outside waiting for his ride to work. It felt like home today. What that means for me is that in my heart God is growing my love for this neighbourhood so I am prompted to pray for and interact with all I encounter. That excites me, it grows a sense of purpose even in the ordinary task of running, I am suppose to be here praying for and loving this little community, scary dogs and all.

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