Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Lizard!

Every morning I open my backdoor here in Nassau I greet this lovely lizard. "Hello Lizard" I say with much joy, in fact I say it more than once a day. It seems that almost every time I open the back door this lizard is around waiting for my greeting. I have been here just over a month now and one would think that according any etiquette expert we ought to be on fairly good terms by now, but we are not. Alas, I do not even know his name, truth be told I am not sure if he is a he or a she and I am not about to embarrass myself by asking that question. Further more, to point out our lack of good terms. this lizard upon hearing my greeting decidedly turns away and runs for safety, every time.

I wonder what I am doing wrong. I have tried the quiet greeting, I have tried the exuberant greeting I have even tried the ignore you greeting where I refuse to make eye contact, but all the meetings end the same, with his little tail disappearing under the nearest crack to await my disappearance.

I am feeling quite put out, I thought if I saw someone every day a relationship would develop, the comfort level would rise and the visits would last longer, but sadly that is not the case. I guess I need to get to know him better, what kind of food does he eat, where does he live, how many hundreds of little ones has he hatched, what is the coolest place he has ever visited.. or maybe I should start with just learning his name. Bottom line is I have to try.

Lizards are different than people but not entirely unlike them. I might see a person every day but I will never develop a relationship with someone unless I make an effort and get to know them. I have been in the very big habit these past years of my life of not making a huge effort to get to know people and I regret that. I fear I have let some really cool relationships pass me by because I was too insecure or too shy or too busy. This past month is different, I have had to make a concerted effort to get to know people else live a solitary life. While I do not know for certain what God wants me to do, I do know not being involved in people's lives would be wrong. So I have been trying and I am loving getting know those whose path I cross on my daily life here in Nassau. I am thankful God is bringing me out of my seclusion shell and getting me involved in the lives of people in my everyday life!

So I will continue on my endeavour to meet new people but I do need your help, not with people but with the little lizard that started this thought. Readers, I need a name for the elusive lizard who lives on my porch. I would love to hear all your submissions and I will let you know in a few days which ones I have narrowed it down too for your vote. You can submit your lizard name to this blog via comment or my email or if you are on my facebook page a message would do as well. I am looking forward to the submissions so get thinking and let me know!

Shine on my friends


  1. lizangna - Mary Dillon vote
    coolio - Mark Archibald vote
    Shakespeare - Val Archibald vote

  2. In the grand tradition of naming things in our house (bear=Beary, tiger=Tigey, caterpillar=Pilly) we have to keep with the trend and go with the ever original Lizzy.

  3. I love the suggestions thus far.. will be a tough race