Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Theme emerges.

I started this blog just over 3 months ago. The idea behind the blog was to create for myself a place to help focus my own thoughts and deal the intensely emotional aspects of a transition to a new country. The blog has proved to do just that in my life, it has been an amazing outlet for my crazy mind. The first entry was April 6, the entry was entitled The excitement of a story unknown. I had no idea what I was to do here in Nassau, there were a lot of "I do not knows" in my life when I thought about life in Nassau. Amazingly enough, despite the uncertainty, there was one huge constant, that we were suppose to come here, that was clear and so I trusted that in time I would find out my purpose and that God would use me here.

We have been here a bit more than a month now and life feels like we are settling in well. Yet, daily I seek out my purpose just what am I to do today? Why am I here? I have found little bits here and there in the meeting of new people and I have just started hearing about some job ideas or volunteer opportunities but to be honest it has felt a bit jumbled.There seems to be a lack of routine or consistency in the things I have come across. Until today when I realized a huge theme of why we are here.

We are here to show love to the people of this Island.

Sounds simple, almost a cop out of a theme, like a generic hippie statement of let's love more! But that is not the case, the love I am learning and being called to give is costly, it is one that involves less thought of me and more thought of others. It takes time, money and more heart that I usually have, but it is growing fast within me. I can see it in the daily interactions with the new people I meet at my daughters summer camp. I can sense the need for love in the brief conversations I have with the cashiers or bag boys at the grocery store. I can see love in action when others hear that I am a Christian and the conversation does not shut down but instead keeps going with mutual respect. I can feel love when I meet or see someone who literally has nothing but the clothes on their back and I am prompted to figure out how to help. I am being moved daily to show love and feel love, it is challenging but it is amazing.

I also should comment on the fact that I am also learning to be loved. The love theme does not go one way. I have been humbled and awed by the amount of love shown to myself and my family since our arrival (both from people here and from people back home!) Allowing yourself to be loved takes humility and gratitude and I fear I am just learning that now, but I am very grateful for such a powerful message.

Most books have themes, which are written throughout the plots and character interactions. My book thus far lacks a consistent plot but it does contain a distinct theme of Love. How amazing it is to be a part of such a powerful theme.

Shine On My Friends

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  1. It's a good theme - and one, with perseverance, you will do well. Just knowing who the 3 of you can the theme be anything else?

    You wear Him well - and others will see that, and Him through you :)