Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day in Bahamas.

You know the feeling when it's your birthday, nobody knows, but you still feel special all day. Well that is how I am feeling today. It is Canada's birthday, not many here know that fact, and I have been walking around today feeling special. I also understand there are some of us who on their birthday who announce it to the world by sending ourselves flowers to the office or talk loudly on their phones about their birthday plans just so others will notice it is their special day. Well.. that is kinda of me to day too. Notice the shirt I have been wearing all day, I agree a bit tacky, but I have been wearing it with pride just to announce Happy Canada Day!

I have noticed others looking at my shirt and smiling. I have been interpreting those smiles as recognition of my Canadian status and perhaps even a bit of a well wish to myself and my fellow countrymen. It could however be that those smiles are just people being nice to a weird looking tourist (cause that is what I look like today). No matter why it is I am getting those smiles I will choose to proudly assume it is because they are helping me celebrate Canada's birthday!

Technically I am considered an expat here in Bahamas. I looked up the term and found this:

expat - a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country

I suppose that is true, I was not dragged to the Bahamas nor was I kicked out of Canada. It is the word absent with which I do not agree. Sure, my body is absent from my country but my country is very very close in my heart. Absent speaks of a gap or distance, that is simply not true, my heart has never been so close to Canada as it is today.

I would have expected to miss my country more today, but I don't. In fact it would appear that I have never been so full of Canada and proud to wear my tacky Canada flag shirt, I cannot miss something that does not leave me.

Shine On My Friends for God and for your country!

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  1. trust me, Canada (and it's lovely people) miss you!