Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paperwork and Memories

All the boxes we shipped from Toronto are now unpacked and we are all organized, except one. I had packed a box of paperwork to deal with when I arrived here in Nassau. Stuff like GST, changing addresses, and automatic payments seemed too much to do before I left my homeland so I put it off. I put it off with the idea that I would have a much clearer mind to better handle these items of business. I do have a less frazzled mind at present, things are going swimmingly, but my ability to handle paperwork (never my strong point) seems to be lacking and worse yet my motivation to handle these tasks is nearly completely gone. After all what will the government do to me if I do not file, I have fled the country!! It almost seems offensive to me to have to do such boring and frustrating tasks in a place where I have not even handled a bill or statement in almost a month. However I must go on, once done, my professional transition will be complete.

But I must, and so I am off to start the dreaded paperwork box.

Okay, just came back from sorting the box and the pile of stuff to do is manageable. But you know what I found within the box. I realized I had placed all the mementos from clients and friends in the same box as my dreaded paperwork. I found letters written to me only just a few months ago (possibly less) that were waiting for me to re read. I found things, words and pictures I will treasure for a life time. My heart is somewhat heavy now as the moments I spent with them are past but my heart is lifted too as I bring these people or part of them into my home and heart to make my life heart more complete. I am glad I have to do my paperwork, well not really, but I am glad that I had to deal with this box as it brought me face to face with precious memories from Canada and for that I am so happy.

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