Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are Family!

Being a Monday, yesterday was Bryn's typical day off. What was atypical was the fact that I was able to spend a day with him. When I was working full time Bryn's day off just meant he was home to tend to our daughter, do errands and basically just hold down the fort. Now a day off for Bryn means we can do some family trips and actually spend quality time together.

Yesterday we discovered the most amazing beach on what I hope is one of our weekly family trips. It is called Cabbage beach and is located on the Northern side of Paradise Island. May I just say, wow, this place was stunning and should we be blessed with a visit from you I will be sure to bring you here. The picture is overexposed due to the fact that I have been forced to use my daughters ancient digital camera as my battery charger is still on a ship on its way to Nassau. The sand in this photo looks pink, it is not, in reality it is pure white. (If you want pink sand I hear a rumour that Harbour Bay in Eleuthra has pink sand!!) The water colour however is very accurately captured. This place is gorgeous.

If you had seen us yesterday you would have seen us snorkeling, swimming and floating all afternoon, enjoying a very leisurely pace to life. I believe you would have also seen a family that was truly enjoying each others company. A family laughing together, playing together and loving life together is the picture I am holding dearly to my heart. At the end of the day I want to exclaim how thankful I am that I have time to enjoy my family, that God has placed me in this fantastic little threesome called the MacPhails in order to strengthen and encourage me in my walk with Him. Yes, Bryn and Anya are my family, by being my husband and daughter but they are also my Brother and Sister in Christ and in Him and through Him we can worship together at home, in the community and yes even at the beach.

Shine On My Friends!

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