Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue Lightning my wheeled freedom.

Today I gained freedom in the form of a used car. Meet Blue Lightning, the name of the car as given by my daughter. This car I hope will bring myself and my family on many adventures of exploration and fun. Mostly I hope this car makes me more mobile to discover where my place is on this island. I will be better able to get to places not accessible on foot (which honestly is most places). I hope and pray this car is used to God's glory and not just for my own fun.

This car originated in Japan and has now made it's way to the Island of New Providence for its next chapter. The first of which will be to teach me how to use the various gadgets in it as the instruction manual is in Japanese. So either I learn to read Japanese or somehow by fidgeting with the control panel I figure out my car, I would bet on the latter if you are making bets on my adventure. The second adventure? who know, right now it feels limitless!

It will take me to my daughters school where we will meet more people in our community, it will take me to church on Sunday or any other time there are events taking place. It might even take me to and from a job someday. It will I am sure take me to communities where we are to give our time and efforts, a place where people have nothing at all. It will take me to places where people feel secretly empty but are forced to act like they have it all together because they have achieved everything the world tells them is important. What I hope this car does is help me show God's love to anyone I encounter. The adventures of blue lightning are just about to start and I cannot wait to report them to you.

Shine on my friends and please hope the instruction manual is really not that needed!


  1. try googling an English manual

  2. I think you might want to consider a career in car modeling. I'd buy it!

  3. I wonder if "Blue Lightning" is the Japanese illegitimate child of "Blue Thunder"?