Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They're Back!!!

They're back!! Those brown rectangular taped objects are back into our lives with full force. Our boxes finally arrived from there sea voyage,or cruise if you ask Anya's stuffed animals, we expected them sometime next week and were happy to see them early. We greedily threw open all the boxes last night much like a child on their birthday to see what presents these traveling boxes have to offer us. We exclaimed with joy as Toronto Maple Leaf souvenirs popped out of the boxes, the Tim Horton's coffee mug was hoisted onto our shoulders an paraded around the house, the long lost books were caressed with joy and the conversations overheard between my daughter and her various favorite toys were priceless. There was much joy!

Today my plan is to stay here and sort and organize as much as possible to turn this house into our home. Yes, these things are just things and we could do without, but I have to admit that just drinking out of my favourite coffee mug while blogging this morning feels different, feels like home. I am grateful that we are feeling settled in the strange new world of Bahamas, I am thankful that God is helping us put down some roots. Our stuff that arrived is not the cause of these roots to be put down but I feel they are a symbol for that. Drinking out of a favourite coffee mug does not make me call this place home, it is the feeling of contentment that is arising more and more that we are indeed where we need to be.

Shine on My friends!


  1. Unfortunately, we laid to rest this morning our newly unpacked Tim Horton's mug. "When I reached up, my shirt must have caught it and knocked it off the counter", explained a dejected Allie MacPhail. But as a wise person once reminded me, these are "just things" :-)

  2. sadly, that is true.. I love the way Bryn's comment reads like a newspaper article.. it was a tragic moment that needed to be reported!

  3. I love how the boxes totally dwarf your poor pup!