Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Perils of Being too Comfortable

If you were to have asked me yesterday about my adaptation to British style driving I would have replied with a smile and a story of confidence and pride. If however you asked me this morning, I would have sounded a bit more unsettled. I have up until today surprised myself as I have learned to drive quite well on the "wrong side of the road ". It almost seemed to come naturally to me, perhaps I thought, I have some super spatial ability to flip the regular in my head and translate my already superb driving skills to the British style? This kind of thinking excited me which of course made me further wonder what other super powered abilities do I possess but have not yet had the occasion to discover. Please let it be the ability to talk to dolphins, please. Okay back to the story, sure I had more than occasionally flipped on the windshield wiper lever when it was the turn signal that I needed, but who does not enjoy a clean windshield? I was secretly gloating at my success and OOOO so pleased with myself.

Stay tuned, you knew this was coming..BUT..All of my confidence changed this morning as I made my way to the gym. I needed to leave the house when it was still dark and I was a wee bit groggy. I knew my destination and took the planned route. I found myself on the road that parallels the ocean, gorgeous!! It was an amazing sight look out at the darkened sky meeting the dark horizon of the ocean and see the reflection of the moon. I saw a pack of dogs running about having what looked like the time of their lives. Well, they had their tongues out and when dogs do that they always look like they are smiling! I thought about the playlist I on my ipod and what songs I would workout to that day. You get the picture, I was comfortable, I was relaxed and yes folks I was in the wrong lane and I was completely unaware. I must have turned onto the road and assumed my, up until now, normal right lane. I most likely drove a few hundred meters, unaware I was in the wrong. Thankfully the roads were empty as I did not encounter anyone in my path, but still.. YIKES!!! Once I realized my error I jerked to the left and slowed my pace back in the correct lane. My heart rate peaked at that moment and I had not even gone to the gym yet. Wow, did I just do that? I was in disbelief that I could have gone on in error for such a distance, especially since the previous times driving down here, to quote myself.. I was awesome!!!

What I learned was that sometimes I can get too comfortable with myself and drift back into old habits. This thought is applicable to so much more than just my driving, I could apply it to almost any part of my life but as the old Hammy Hamster show says, that story is for another day. What I am grateful for is the fact that God does not drift, He does not change, He is always and no matter how far I might drift I know that whenever my wake up call happens He will be there being His totally amazing self. What great comfort that is to a creature of habit such as me. Friends, perhaps you know what it is like to drift, perhaps you are drifting right now, perhaps you are not even sure as to what lane to be driving. Wherever you find yourself, please know and take to heart that the One who never drifts loves you and no matter how confusing or frustrating the roads are, He is there to guide you.

Shine on my friends

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