Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oceans and Ice Cream

Today, I decided was not about chores or any of the errands that setting up a home involves. Today was about relaxing and if I might brag for but a moment, I do believe I did a great job.

After lunch today, we had planned to go to a beach nearby to see what it was like, then to the ice cream store I have heard so much about. Montague Beach (seen above) is not a typical tourist beach it is just part of the Nassau shore and a meeting place for many locals. Since I am determined to live like a local and not a tourist we opted for this beach instead of the groomed beaches at any of the resorts. It smelled of freshly caught and gutted fish and conch, the beach was not groomed and we were fairly close to the road. I loved it.

I watched as some men (in the distance of the picture above) fished for conch to eat later on in the day. They were not just fishing for food, they were having fun and fellowship too. One of them brought their son with them as well, he looked like an apprentice out there studying his elders, sooo cute!!!

Anya and I swam and sat on the beach, swam and sat on the beach and repeated the pattern for a while. It was amazing. Once school was out, some families gathered around picnic tables. The adults talking while the little ones playing around in the ocean, just watching them helped me relax.

Once we decided to call it a day from the water, we headed to the nearby ice cream shop to enjoy some ice cold goodness. All I can say is mmmm, yummmo.

We find ourselves back at home, very much relaxed and happy that today involved no errands, or no business of setting up home. While I know that at some point I will be working, and as soon as tomorrow the check list of setting up home will start again but for today at least I learned the value of the chill. Relaxing together is about building a family and while it might not look like it from the outside, Anya and I became more at home today at the ocean and ice cream store than all the errands combined.

shine on my friends


  1. Sounds like a great day...glad you had some time to just "be" together. That's what God gives us a Sabbath for - no matter what day we take it on ;)