Sunday, June 6, 2010

Families Unite!

Last evening Bryn, Anya and I were welcomed by a reception here in Nassau to celebrate our arrival. The search committee and session along with their families were all in attendance. What a joyful event. I already feel so welcomed and loved here, it warmed my heart to feel so comfortable with my new church family.

In the midst of some great conversations I heard a ruckus, I looked over and saw Bryn in the midst of it (not unusual). He was hugging someone and his face was all astonishment. I could only see the back of this person's head when a tinge of sadness hit my heart as I was reminded of a dear friend from Toronto. My heart literally felt squeezed as I tried to push away the thought of this friend and ignore the notion that this person looked like my friend from Toronto. But then something happened, I realized that it was indeed my friend from Toronto. In fact as I looked around with a bit of a quizzical look I realized the ruckus had been caused by Bryn's realization that he was surrounded by not one friend but three from our Toronto church. My tightening heart burst and was flooded with joy and as ran over to the ensuing crowd. Indeed, it was Heather, Sandra and Marguerite. Now my face matched my heart as it too was flooded with tears. I had not even had the chance to get homesick and here were some of the biggest parts of my Toronto home! Wow

After the initial shock died down we all settled into the party. I found myself talking to my Nassau friends and then my Toronto friends, then both of them together. It was a harmonious uniting of my two church families and I could not be happier. It was then I was struck with the true notion of God`s family. We are all part of his family no matter what place we find ourselves worshiping. We are all brothers and sisters of the Lord and no distance can change that or lessen the bonds. What a joy is in my heart for the Lord has blessed me with friends old and new, near and far and we are all family.

Shine On my Friends

p.s a big thanks to Dee and Richard for hosting the gathering of my church families, also to Earla and Robin for helping to sneak my Toronto friends in to the country and to Heather,Sandra and Marguerite, thank you for being here and showing yet again your love for us.

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