Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bahamian Siestas

Not sure if it is the weather, or the busy schedule we have held for the past 3 months but almost every day thus far of my Bahamian life I have had a nap. The naps are the closest thing I have experienced to a coma. I am talking about knocked out, drool producing, do not move a muscle naps. They are intense naps, if you can use a word like that to describe naps. My naps do not feel like a luxury they feel like a necessity and I have given in almost every day to these powerful three letter word experiences.

I am in fact aware that Bahamas does not have the official siesta hour that other tropical countries do, but apparently my body says we do. I am aware that while my world stops for the hour that other people's are continuing in a normal fashion. I am aware that my Bahamian siestas have cost me the ability to answer some of my skype calls that I was so looking forward to. Yes Bahamian siestas are costly but my friend, while I continue to adjust they are necessary.

I have tried to justify these naps with the idea that the heat is waring me down, or that perhaps I am already adopting a more laid back way of life, or maybe I am still catching up on my lost sleep from my Toronto packing the house days. No matter what I come up with nothing quite fits the bill to erase my slightly embarrassed fact that I love and need my Bahamian siestas. So until whatever it is that is causing my mid afternoon pseudo coma stops, I will continue to pretend that Bahamas does have an official siesta hour.

Shine on my Friends (or in this case..sleep on)

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  1. After experiencing the heat for only a couple of days I completely appreciate the need for an afternoon siesta!!!!! Enjoy, and if you nap outside watch out for falling coconuts!!!!!!