Monday, May 24, 2010

A day at the Park: by Deegon the dog

A U haul leaves the driveway.
An arm stuck out the window waves as the rental truck pulls away.
Two figures remain on the driveway, waving until the one armed truck disappears from sight.
They look at each other as if to say, now what?
A walk to the park is suggested and agreed upon but with two stipulations, ice cream and the dog.
I am asked to join, I happily agree.
The ice cream is gone before the park is reached.
I got nothing.
The camera is removed from its pouch is ready to capture fun moments.
A race to the swings ensues, the smaller figure wins by a landslide.
The big one slows me down, otherwise I would have been first to the swings.
The pumping of legs brings the figures higher and higher into the dazzling blue sky.
I am tied to the swing set stuck on the ground.
The bigger figure sits and watches the smaller.
She seems content and peaceful.
The smaller is happy and excited to be playing at a familiar place.
I look at myself, panting in the sun and realize:
I do not need ice cream, or to finish first in a race,
I do not even need a swing to play on,
I need my humans, I love my humans
I am glad they love me too.

By Deegon the dog


  1. Ahhhhh one of my favorites!!!!!

  2. Well put Deegon, you have the soul of a poet. Not to mention some kickin glasses.

  3. Who knew that Deegan was so expressive - or observant? Glad it was a good afternoon for everyone!