Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sucker for Love

This blog is not about moving to Nassau.

It is however about the best TV show in the world which is coming to an end before I have to leave to Nassau. Warning, this blog contains Spoilers for the plot of the most amazing show ever..(did I say that already)

Alert!!!! read no further if you have not watched the show from last night

Last night I was of course watching Lost, and this morning I again find tears in my eyes from the long awaited reunion of Jin and Sun a mere two weeks ago and their very tragic death just last night. I cannot believe they are no more. The Jin and Sun love story for me was the most captivating story on the show. You can pick my brain on specifics in person another time but you must know that in their story was forgiveness, growth, endurance, mistakes, and rebirth. It was stunning to watch and I will miss those characters very much. Jin and Sun's story spanned continents, death and decades (if you think in terms of time travel like most lost fans do).

Why am I such a sucker for a good love story? A good love story involves forgiveness of past trespasses, acceptance of human flaws and frailty and the ability to relate. A good love story in my opinion makes you believe that is it possible to feel loved, which is something that everyone needs, wants and seeks. Why I love a love story on TV or in a good book is because for me it is a reminder of that at my core is the desire to know I am loved. A kind of love which can overcome failure, mistakes and flaws. Yes, human love can give us some of that, but more importantly is the love God has for us. It is a love that is enduring and unshakable.

Jin and Sun knew that at least from a human perspective they are cherished, loved and sought after. I too am sought after, I am loved and I am cherished. Any my friend, so are you. God is the lover of my soul, God is the one who sought me out and God is the one who cherishes me as His child. So no matter where you are in life: single, married, working or not, full of faults, or unsure of your worth, God does cherish, love and seek after you.

You are loved.

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