Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Nothing

See I have been away from this blog for near 20 days nows, a record for me. At first it was just the busy days of Christmas that got in the way of my writing, but the major reason for my absence was my computer. It contracted a virus shortly after Christmas and just this past Friday was remedied by my ever patient computer geek of a husband. A huge thanks to Bryn, a man of many talents and seemingly endless amount of patience for stubborn computer problems. So with a smile I find myself ready to write a blog

I sit here, staring at my blank screen wondering just what shape this blog will take. I have every urge to flip open my personal journal to see what moved me this past fortnight, but that was then, not now and I really work best with I write within the now. My now however is being written in a low key, track pants- wearing Sunday afternoon where my family and I are enjoying rest and waiting to celebrate hamburger night. I am not sure that is very deep or exciting for a blog. However, for today it will suffice, no it will be better than sufficient it will be fabulous in its own way.

We will celebrate the joy of the perfectly cooked burger, we will take joy in the many antics of our animals, we will seek comfort in just being the three of us and we will be thankful for all we have been given. I often forget that rest is essential not a luxury. I often interpret a low key day as unproductive, but in actual fact it produces a sweet fruit of its own. I confuse my days that have nothing on the calendar as boring instead of rehabilitative.

Today, I happily write about my big nothing day. Do not ask me what I did, for I will give you a blank stare in reply, ask me how I felt and I will report balanced, quieted and full of contentment.

So glad to be back
Shine on my friends in all you do..including your big nothing days

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