Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snickers, a dog of many talents

I am so proud of my dog Snickers. She thought it a good thing to write BAARK a letter to express her gratitude. The people at Baark loved it so much they put it in their Christmas newsletter. I thought I would post it for you all to see. I will continue to encourage her writing talents and hope for more from her in the future!

A letter from a grateful dog

Dear BAARK and all the people who cared.

First off I want to say Thank you for saving me from the pound, while I do not want to speak of my experience, I was very aware that my days were numbered and my very life at risk. You saved my life and I am so grateful. Secondly, thank you for your care of myself and my kennelmates while I was housed at BHS. I know that dogs can be a handful and there sure were lots of us but you did a great job tending to us all. I send a happy wagging tail thank you to all the wonderful staff at BHS and the amazing volunteers from BAARK. You all rock!

My heartfelt gratitude now leads me to think of my new forever family. Thank you for not only adopting me on paper but with your hearts too! I have never felt such love. I have never felt so safe. Whenever I go out on walks with you I let my body language proclaim to the world that I belong!

I thank you for the way you pet me, feed me and let me cuddle with you when you watch TV. I have never slept so soundly, played so freely or eaten as healthily as I have with you. I do not get why you do not have fur or how you walk on two legs and not four but I love you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me, giving me a last name and letting me be what I was meant to be, a dog that can freely love because I am alive, healthy and capable of loyalty, all because I have you as my family.


Snickers Doodlebop MacPhail (the first)

p.s here is a picture of me waiting for my first family Christmas!!

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