Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Ferocious Hallejuah Chorus.

I love my morning walks with my dog, Deegon, I get home from the gym or pool early enough to take her out before it gets too hot. At first my walk starts very quietly with only the birds chirping then I round the corner and the fun begins. I walk past my first neighbour dog, who begins what I have learned to appreciate as the dog's version of the hallelujah chorus. A lone voice starts it all, a howl or woof which is akin to the conductor tapping his music stand to ready his musicians for the performance. As I walk further the booming bass of a huge German Sheppard begins, followed closely by his yard mate a Potcake of medium build who adds to the rising voices with his sharp staccato bark firing pretty much to the beat. Later down the road I see and hear Labs, Great Danes, and yes even a Yorkie all bringing their distinct voices to the Dog Hallelujah chorus as Deegon and I continue our walk in our neighbourhood. I remember being quite afraid in my early days here in Nassau of these dogs, yes most are behind fences but they are all there to protect their home and masters and therefore in my mind are capable of manslaughter if they felt like it. Now, I walk past them, head held high to the beat of their ferocious chorus, no longer intimidated but now more entertained as the passing by of Deegon and myself are announced to the whole neighbourhood.

Today I loved it so much, I started singing along with great joy (in my head of course..I still have to pretend my sanity still exists). It was the strangest of worship services but one that was ferociously full of joy. What once was full of fear has turned to joy, I know it was only a morning walk, some amazing dogs and the hot streets of Nassau but today I was reminded of God's restorative joy. He alone can turn difficult and scary things into moments of joy, He alone can tame my heart, He has made me glad to be His in His world.

Shine on my friends Allie

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