Friday, June 4, 2010

At Home

This blog promises to be short as my body and brain remain in recovery mode from our huge transition to Nassau which officially took place yesterday. We have all arrived safely after a long day of travel. We experienced the nail biting delays of red tape as we were bumped from desk to desk in the customs office trying to "free" our animals from the customs holding warehouse but are so grateful to have them all safe and legally sound in our new home here in Bahamas. The picture of this blog is my dog Deegon sporting her new Bahamian hair cut with a Bahamian flower from our yard as an accessory. Anya has settled into her new room with joy and much singing,which I love to hear. Bryn is settling into the home office and I have been enjoying planning the kitchen to fit our needs. I went for a walk today to scope out the neighbourhood for some sense of direction but mostly to find some awesome running routes. The neighbourhood is awesome and I now have plans to conquer some of these unnamed streets!

We have had no less than 5 and probably more phone calls from our contacts here in Nassau asking if we are settling in okay and if there is anything we need. When we arrived there were four baskets of gifts for us to enjoy and use right away (one each for the; the cats, the dog, Anya and finally one for Bryn and I) We are in awe of the kindness shown to us all ready and are excited to see these new friendships grow.

It would appear that all the MacPhails are quite at home here on the street of Harmony Hill in Nassau!! Look out Nassau, we are here for a reason and plan to be of use here on this beautiful Island.

Shine on My Friends


  1. I am so thankful you arrived and are welcomed by calls and goodies! You will be blessed my dear friend! It is already happening...
    I know you will take on those unknown streets and soon they will become your new normal!!
    miss you and praying lots!!!