Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slight Panic

Take this blog with a grain of salt please. Knowing my context will help. I am tired, I have packing ADD (I can no longer focus on what goes where and how it will get there so I float from item to item aimlessly hoping something clicks..it hasn't) I have said goodbye to way to many people, my calendar is now over booked with things and I only have 2 weeks and 2 days left on Canadian soil. So when I say I am having a slight panic, please do not overreact. I will be fine, possibly as soon as one hour from now I am sure. I sensed that I needed to empty my head of thoughts (no wisecracks please) before the chaos of it overtook me and rendered me totally useless. My cats and dog have taken off to another room because they can no longer handle my incessant nattering. So here I am at my blog letting things out and already I feel slightly less panicky.

Funny, as soon as I admitted all that I felt better, and now I am struggling for more of a topic upon which to write. Nothing comes. So I will leave you with this.. thank you for listening, you are awesome.

Today's blog was not a massive "made you think" or an outpouring of emotion. It was just a venting post. So thank you my friends for "listening" I feel better. Shine On!!

love Allie


  1. You Rock Allie! Thanks for being authentic with us. Love you!

  2. anytime, sweet friend - rant on!!