Friday, April 23, 2010

Intentional Shopping

I was at the grocery store today picking up a few things. I have noticed I have been shopping with more intentionality these days. Normally I would wander down the aisles to see what caught my eye, a new breakfast cereal or grain product would be placed into my cart without much thought and off I would go. I usually did not have a plan of attack or a menu with me I just went with what interested me at the time. I remember coming home a few times after one of those wandering shopping trips and putting my new item away with joy. I closed the pantry and boom just like that I would forget about the excitement this new food item had brought. Even worse I would discover it at the back of the pantry months later, no longer looking appealing and begging the question as how could this possibly be used in an sort of appetizing fashion. That was then, now (well the last few weeks) I shop with a clear list of what exactly we need until we move. The stress of my purging my pantry is highly motivating. I now look for items at the grocery store to help me use up my multitude of once exciting but now perplexing food items. Case in point, apparently I kept forgetting that I had purchased rice pasta which means I have about 3 boxes of it, even worse apparently I kept forgetting that I really do not like rice pasta. So now, determined to use it up I sought out the tastiest sauce ingredients imaginable this morning so I might make good use of what I already owned.

I was so proud of my minimalist shopping today, I felt frugal and creative with the use of my time and money. I realize that moving does this to a person. Moving causes you be intentional about everything you bring in and out of the house. I also realize that it has made me more intentional with my time. I have limited time to do a crazy amount of things to prepare, I have limited time to visit with friends and family. Every thing right now it seems is limited but it has forced me to intentional prioritize and be frugal with time, money and resources. I am writing this today because I regret not living with intentionality before.

If I had lived every day with intentionality I believe I would have less regrets, and would be able to report a more full life. A life that as Jesus describes as life to the full, John 10:10 isn't that what we all want? A life that counts, a life that is filled with purpose which when lived out results in true contentment and satisfaction. I desire to make my actions, thoughts and words count toward the purpose of being on this Earth. I started with my grocery list now on to my time and energy in more areas of my life.


  1. being mindfull and intentional isn't as easy as it sounds, good luck!

  2. Allie, you continue to put up thoughtful and inspiring words. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and hope your posts continue to go up with greater regularity than my own blog!

  3. You were listening to our conversations at Connect Group the other night - living with intention...
    Thanks for the reminder that we need to not be concerned with "stuff", and by not being on the quest to gather, we can just be: closer to friends and family; in better relation with God; and able to see the wonder around us.
    Thanks for bringing us on this journey with you... and, let me know how the sauce turns out!

  4. I love seeing and reading about your process of transition.