Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Funny thing happened to me ..

I am dog tired but feel great. We just finished the first of two maybe three days of our house content sale. Having people pick through your things is both unsettling and a bit sad. In fact I did tear up a bit for a few items but then sucked it up and sold so hard that I am sure if a lady in white gloves had shown up I could have sold her a ketchup Popsicle. Anyway back to the reason for today's blog, I was able to find humour in so many things today and considering the amount of stress that I could have felt, that is a great blessing so I thought I would share a few for your enjoyment.
  • I almost sold a friend for 2 dollars after I realized he had leaned against an item for sale and took on the price as his own identity. I did refrain from the profit of the said sale but I laughed out loud (with him not at him) and walked upstairs to laugh more with his wife (I was willing to split the profits with her). I looked down and realized that I too was sporting a price tag and to top it off, mine was for a lesser amount. Awkward but funny. Sorry I laughed John and I going to assure I really would never have gone through with that sale..never..
  • I was talking to a gentlemen about buying our sofa and the topic of why we are moving came up.. Well apparently I do not enunciate very well and he understood my word as NASA not Nassau. I really really liked the idea that he thought I was an astronaut so I did not correct him for the next few sentences. Just to let you know, having someone who thinks you are a rocket scientist even for a few seconds is quite the lift to one's ego. But truth and integrity prevailed and once I corrected him I went back to being a Joe Schmo..but for the while, pure awesomeness!!
  • I gave (not sold..that would be mean) a lady a cat picture (see pic) with a dead flea in it.. oops I hope she thinks it is part of the realistic look. (it has spent the better part of 2 decades in a box and somehow had picked up a solitary flea who must have suffered immensely and died behind the glass with the realistic looking but fake cat.
  • This bit of humour happens all the time when people find out that my husband is a minister. Apparently he does not "look like a minster" I have no idea what a minister is supposed to look like but I am guessing most people do not think in terms of hot!! (sorry to embarrass you Bryn) so when I told this lovely lady who asked me what does your husband do? her shocked response to me was "the hockey guy??" I could not help but laugh and then prayed quietly in my heart that she would know that yes..Christians can be somewhat normal even the minister kind.
  • For lunch today I ordered pizza for our amazing sales team. I must have got a newbie order taker because she could not locate my street on her map and therefore could not process the order. I spent 10 minutes with her as she looked and looked, entered and re-entered my street address to no avail. The funniest part of the call was when she asked me to spell for the 5th time the name of my street, which is St. George's Rd. When she repeated back to me the letter s as in Sam, t as in turtle and then she literally said "g as in George" funny the things we do by habit. She still had no idea that was the name of my street and not just the way to best describe my the letter name. I found it really funny, she did not so I got transferred to the manager to trouble shoot.. but in the end pizza was awesome
  • We sold our couch to my awesome cousin Kelly. It is a huge couch that was a part of our TV room experience, I used to have to walk around the end to get to the seats. The couch is gone but every time I went to sit down I used the well worn but now unnecessary path around the couch, such a waste of my precious energy but funny none the less.
  • At one particularly busy part of the day I used the "keep an eye on that one signal" to my friend Heather when I was noticing a particularly shifty lady looking through our things.. felt like a really cool spy, I think Heather did too. All shoplifting was averted and crime is now down in Etobicoke.
So now you have an overview of some of the more humorous moments of the crazy day. The highlight for me was the amazing time I had a great time with friends who I know will forever love me.


  1. The ACTUAL funniest part of the day was the lady who wanted to know who the poor wife was who put up with "all of this hockey crap". It was worth my whole day!!!

  2. I forgot that one.. she nailed the truth in that!