Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Allie the Superhero???

I have been ending with my clients these past few weeks and days. I cannot get over how much feedback I am getting. I have been hearing comments like:

"Allie you have been my daughters life line"
"Allie I am not sure what we would have done without you."
"I have learned so much during my time with you"
..... they go on.

If I let it, these compliments would go to my head, I could very easily feel like quite the super hero. (see my awesome picture below my superhero days at UWO!) But that would not be correct.

I have been immeasurably moved by these comments. Tears have flowed, hearts have soared and I have felt so touched by these remarks. This blog tonight is not to toot my own horn, that is so not my style. It is not to say look how awesome I am, again not my style. This blog is just to say what a blessing it is to be involved in others lives. The honour of hearing peoples stories, the raw stories of their lives is beyond words for me.

I also want to give props to the right One. I would never have been able to touch the lives of these people without knowing the Love of Christ myself. I would have ended up doubting that hope can ever be found, that healing can ever happen, and I would have never been strong enough to hear the details of so many hurtful, chaotic and painful stories. The real superhero? That would be Jesus. Whether my clients knew it or not, He was always a part of our time together. It was merely my job to reflect Him, and I have been privilege to shine for Him. And these past few days I have been awed by hearing how much my clients have needed sunglasses.
Shine On my friends, people are watching!

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