Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrating the Underdog

Yesterday my daughter and I volunteered at the Bahamas Humane Society Fun day. It was a day to help raise money to further the amazing work being done at the BHS, where hundreds of homeless, abused and unwanted animals are cared for and eventually re-homed to their "furever" home. There were food, games, and contests for all to enter. The contests were far from the traditional dog show events; there were awards for best kisser, waggiest tail, most/least obedient, most agile, most unusual looking, and best costume. There were ribbons handed out to the winners of the contests, worn with pride by the dogs and the proud owners.

The day which was primarily a fundraiser was really more about celebrating the underdogs of the dog world. The dogs there did not contain a pedigree or official papers stating their genetic greatness. No, the only claim of greatness was seen in the bond between dog and their owners, but what a claim. Papers were nowhere to be found but claims of love and friendship abounded in plenty. Most of the dogs yesterday were alive because they had been surrendered to the BHS, rescued off the streets or snatched from a death sentence at the pound by BAARK. These once underdog dogs were certainly the stars of the show as they were paraded through the fun day by the owners who loved them.

I too am an underdog, in fact I think most of us are if we think about it. There is a point in most people's lives that we question where we belong. We might have come from the best of families or the worst of families, our heritage matters not, what matters is that we truly know to whom we belong. Once we do, we no longer are forced to take cover under rotting porches instead we have shelter with a King. When we know where we belong, the terrifying fear of being hurt is replaced with the strong protection of our Creator. The dogs yesterday, were once underdogs but were claimed, sheltered, protected and loved. They wore their ribbons from the contests with pride and their owners beamed to be associated with such a dog. I too have a ribbon of belonging which I wear with pride, it is not seen with eyes as it is in my heart. I know I belong, I am protected, sheltered and best of all loved. I belong to the King. Yesterday, I was reminded of such truth.

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