Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not your ordinary Sunday

To some it might seem like an ordinary Sunday, but not to me. Today we had about 30 children from our neighboring area collected and bussed into our church to worship with us. It was an overwhelmingly amazing morning. This felt like it was something I was meant to be a part of, and I was beaming. I am so pleased and proud to have been a part of the Sunday school teachers who rallied this week to make it happen. We had received noticed on Thursday that this was finally going to happen. The number of kids were quoted anywhere from 8-80 that were to come, we had to be ready for anything, thanks to God's peace and power, we were. Our hearts (based on the exchange of emails) were aflame with a passion to show love to these kids who often daily struggle against the oppression of poverty, family issues and life on this little tiny Island called New Providence. God, thank you for showing us teachers your strength and passion, it was incredible to be a part of this morning.

The kids walked with their amazing leaders from the community center sliding over and squishing in to fill up three front pews. I have to admit, I had some tears that this was finally happening. I have had some interaction with these kids at the community center but not all of them. I waved to the ones I knew and smiled at the ones I was about to know. Overjoyed does not describe the feeling of being waved back by those for who you pray in the very place in which you bring them to God.

This however is not the end of my prayers, it is just the beginning. Our church will be challenged to weekly show these kids and by proxy their parents love and care and passion. Lord, grant us the strength, the compassion, the ability to see what you see and the wisdom as to how to continue this great work that started today. To you be all the Glory , and all the people said "AMEN".

shine on my friends!!!
p.s i so wish I had remembered my camera, you would have loved the smiling faces of teachers and students alike!!

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