Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coach Allie gets schooled..

I was schooled today while I was coaching swimming, but it was an amazing lesson. Read on.

I was teaching kids to swim this morning at a learn to swim program for the government schools. It is an amazing place to be, the kids are so eager to learn and I love teaching them. I am so proud of all they do in such a short time.

Today I was teaching two 10 year old girls the back glide (push off from wall and float while gliding) part of the instruction was to keep your eyes up at the sky instead of looking at the wall.

They were struggling with this, instinct makes you want to look for land and they kept sinking as they lifted their chin. I thought that if they could picture a really cute guy that was in the sky they might try to keep their eyes up, so here is the conversation.

"Okay girls, you need to keep your eyes up, so what I want you to do is picture your best guy up in the sky and look at him while you glide backwards ..okay?"
"Okay!" they eagerly said
I racked my brain and tried to figure out who 10 year old girls might be into, I could not even come up with one so I asked who are you going to picture?

without any hesitation they both reply "Jesus, he is the best guy"

My mouth shut, and then curled up into a huge smile,
"you have that right" I said and off they went floating on their backs .

I think I got the biggest lesson of all today, and I just adore those girls for witnessing to me with their love for their best guy, Jesus. Coach Allie can get schooled like that anytime!

So keep your eyes up as you keep on shining my friends

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  1. I get lessons from my kiddies like that all the time. Quite humbling and I am glad that it happens so I can grow. Not always fun though!!
    Glad you are teaching, sounds fun!!!