Sunday, October 31, 2010


The calendar changes to November tomorrow, I am fairly sure it is lying to me cause it still feels like August.

My friends and family just experienced their first bit of snow. The temperature here in Nassau is holding at hot and I am recovering from the heat after my day yesterday leading games on the beach for our church family fun day.

Today was Halloween and normally for me Halloween means trick or treating in a costume that is warm enough to keep me warm. Today however I was avoiding the sun and seeking shade during our coffee time at church simply because I was tired of being hot.

Even right now I look down at my weather network icons which I have programed to tell me the weather both in Nassau and in Toronto and they tell me there is a 26 degrees difference between the two cities and that is in Celsius!

Our trees here remain green and lush, the trees in Ontario have already changed colour and dropped their leaves.

I have to be honest, these past few weeks my brain has been trying to convince me it is fall all the while my senses tell me to remain in summer mode. I am thoroughly confused. As my friends back home joke and wish they were here. I do not blame them, it is stunning here. I am not complaining about things just making an observation, These past few weeks have been confusing. I am sure it is expected when one moves climates but it sure feels strange.

So here is what I want you to do, those of you reading this from back home send pictures and stories of your outside adventures and those of you reading from Nassau keep telling me what date it is, soon enough I'll get it!


  1. Well today we have had snow flurries all day at some point some have said it has been so bad it was like a blizzard...and not the blizzard you would get at Dairy Queen!