Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lessons from a dog

If you have read my last blog you will know my last 10 days have been consumed with getting Snickers our new dog integrated into our family. Snickers is constantly reminding me of the importance of connecting with your pack leader. During our walks she is happiest when she is beside me and draws closer when we walk by the barking dogs of the neighbourhood that try to intimidate. She draws close to my leg and walks with confidence not in herself but in my leadership to get her out of trouble should it arise. After we are past the "danger" she distances her self just a bit but within a minute usually nudges my calf with her wet nose.

It took me a while to notice the pattern of her nose nudges. It is almost as though she does them when she needs to remind her self of my presence by physically touching me. After her nudge she trots on more content and secure. Snickers, is in the amazing habit of connecting to her pack leader, and I have to say it gladdens my heart when she does it. She is under my care and is feeling loved and safe, she is grateful for the home and family she has been adopted into.

Snickers is teaching me a lot, patience yes, but more than that she reminds me to connect to my Pack Leader often. I want my gratitude to gladden God's heart, I want to connect with Him more than just during the scary times, I want to walk close enough to Him to know I am within His plan and feel the contentment of being in His presence. Snickers, being a dog does this quite naturally, in fact a hour without connecting with me is hard on her. Myself, being human, does not do this very naturally. I allow other things, often meaningless things to get in my way of connecting to the very person who leads, guides and cares for me. I am ashamed at how easy it is for me to ignore the need for my Pack Leader, and yes, if I were to be 100% honest not connecting with God is hard on me too.

Snickers has been a great example to me, I am not sure what a nudge from me looks like to God but I want to nudge Him more, I want to enjoy His presence more and I want to remain connected to Him during all the stages of my life not just the unsettling ones. God loves me and cares for me, He has me in all things. I want to recognize and acknowledge Him in all I do.
Thanks Snickers for the reminder that above all I am loved and the most satisfaction occurs when i connect with God, my Pack Leader.

Shine on my friends


  1. I sense a feeling of peace and wonderment with this connection analogy! Well presented, my dear

  2. HI Punkin guess what I have finally learned how to get on your blog. tell me more stories