Thursday, July 22, 2010

Showing My Roots

This past week has been jammed packed as I have played tour guide for my parents . I have thoroughly enjoyed their visit. I realize I have not taken a moment to blog since last week and before I start to feel badly about that I thought of something; this blog was created to help me deal with the transition of moving and all the crazy thoughts and feelings that go along with the transition. Having my folks here, allowed me to show my transition instead of just write about it. I am truly enjoyed showing them the start of my new Bahamian roots all the while enjoying the security of my Canadian roots.

I like showing my roots. I like showing how my older roots are helping my newer roots grow. It might be as simple as making a dish that was a staple back home in a new kitchen or with slightly new ingredients. I can be as simple has having my morning coffee with my dad on a my new front porch instead of my couch in Toronto. It might be as simple as learning a new craft from my mom at my table in Bahamas rather than in my office in Toronto. But the this medium of this lesson is not the point. The point is that my roots old and new are starting to intertwine and having my parents here has helped me notice that fact.

My roots go back a long way and extend I hope a long way into the future. They shape me, comfort me and give me purpose. I know I am shaped from where I am from, and where I am now but I will never forget that my roots begin and end with the relationship I have with God. I hold tightly to the promise that I am God's, that I belong to His family, that I am loved. With roots like that as my stabilizer, there is no difficulty as my Canadian and my Bahamian roots intertwine during this transition to paradise. I surprisingly do not feel uprooted and out of place, instead I feel blessed to be able to have more roots grow, shaping me for whatever lays ahead.

Shine On My Friends

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    i liked this post enough to comment on it, simply by saying i liked it.
    which i guess more so means i loved it, if i would comment simply to say such a thing.

    oh, and i got stuck playing with your fish for twenty minutes.
    time to go outside.

    xoxo. sarah.